August Vineyard News

by Jo West on August 12, 2013


To start off our first blog on our new website.  We have a lot of investment of time and money ahead of us to bring Polmassick vineyard back to what it was and to bring in some new varieties of vines in the coming Spring of 2014.

New plough and rotavator

Nick has recently taken delivery of his new plough and rotavator so of course he tried these out last Saturday!


The soil will need to be treated before the new vines will be planted.  (Please look out for later Blogs!)  As always he has an audience in Millie and Jay our spaniels.


Evenings are spent pruning.  Everything is a month behind this year but looking like a good crop.

Fighting a losing battle with disease in some of the older vines, but with continuous pruning and spraying, we will try to save what we can.